Our Story

When Sikram Real Estate was launched in 2010, Mr Markis Nebo (Group Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer) was clear on his mission: To reduce the housing deficit in Liberia and provide quality, comfortable and contemporary houses for Liberians both at home and in the diaspora. Subsequently, for over a decade we have built a reputation for exceeding expectations in every aspect of the real estate process in Africa.
And with our staunch commitment to the positive disruption of the real estate development and construction sectors in Liberia, SIkram Real Estate development company is an innovation-driven, safe, and styled property development company in Liberia. We provide a broad spectrum of homes to fit every need and class. We have homes ranging from 300 to over 3000 square feet with an available inventory that includes all sizes of our developed properties to provide our clients with the best home options.

Why everyone has been talking about us…

We have not only built great homes over the years, but we have also built trust. With thousands of individuals and families enjoying better living in our beautiful homes, you can trust that we will create the perfect space for you and yours. From residential buildings to commercial properties and estate development, we have created the communities that make life better for all.
Furthermore, considering that the real estate market in Africa is increasingly getting more competitive by the day, it implies that getting a trustworthy professional to guide you through the process of buying or building your dream house is indispensable. Hence, our keen understanding of the communities we situate our properties gives us we firm grasp of the value chain of residential and commercial properties in such areas.
Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry also help us guide clients in making the best financial decision to get their dream house. Also, we uphold a strict Code of Ethics in business and in all our engagements with our clients, hence the trust and goodwill we have enjoyed over the years from our clients.

Our Team