Sikram Foundation

Sikram Foundation

Having a roof over one's head is never a luxury; it is essential to life and implies shelter, security, and community. At Sikram Real Estates we believe that everyone deserves a house they can call their home, and we consider this to be the hallmark of a caring society.
Through our foundation, Sikram Real Estate partners with a wide range of valued charitable organizations in and around the world to alleviate the problems of homelessness, and further drive our mission to ensure that everyone has a place they can call their home. In 2020, during the covid era, we provided relief materials for neighbouring communities, going above and beyond to ensure those within the reach of our estate got relief materials to assuage them of the impact of the pandemic.
We believe that giving back remains an extraordinary, rewarding and sustainable way to make a change in society. At Sikram Real Estate we deploy the resources at our disposal to drive our “ëveryone deserves a home” initiative. Although our goals to reach ou even more people are ambitious and monumental, however, we are undaunting in our resolve!. Our goal is simple: to grow the Foundation by scaling our impact. According to the United Nations, about 80 million people are homeless in Africa, and we are set to change the narrative, one person at a time. If you’re passionate about solving the problem of homelessness in Africa and interested in partnering with us to make a lasting change in communities.
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She matters: Sikram Girl-Child-Empowerment Initiative

Sikram Foundation is keen on providing opportunities and support to enhance the education of female children in Liberia. Over the years we have gone into far flung localities across the nation to develop initiatives that will empower the gril child: we provide yearly tuition for their education, technical support to girls intrested in skill acquisitions, we also place a huge premium on networking and exposure — on regular occasions we take them to Monrovia to interface with the cosmopolitan counterpart.
Our primary focus is to give young girls from underprivileged backgrounds who struggle amid various disadvantages a chance at greatness. We work with female children across primary, secondary and tertiary levels because we believe that every girl deserves the chance to make a difference in their lives and by extension, the society.

Youth Empowerment through job creation

Over the years Sikram has empowered over 15,000 indegenious youths directly and over 50,000 families indirectly. Our many projects acoss Liberia creates jobs for construction workers, architects, engineers and even on-site food vendors. We also employ the services of people to manufacture, sell, and transport the building materials needed for pur projects, as well as professionals who provide services to the home buyers, such as the real estate agents. For every house we build about 18 youths make a living.